Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Why Cameron is No Ordinary Kid - Part 57

I don't remember much more about the time I stayed with Michael's parents apart from the fact I was very, very grateful for a place to call home which was larger than a little room surrounded by glass. And the pot belly heater was on the other side of my bedroom wall so my room was always toasty warm.

Finally the time came to move into our new home which was my parents home, they were living in the country, and where I had spent many happy years growing up. Cameron was going to have my old bedroom and we were going to be sleeping in my parents room. That felt odd so first priority was ensuring the bed was in a different position to how theirs had been.

The removalists arrived and the boxes started coming. If you recall we didn't decide to move, the mining company decided we no longer required our accommodation and sent packers into our home and packed it up. Thus I had no control over what was packed or how. I'm a very experienced mover and packer and every move is a wonderful opportunity for a cull and tidy up but of course that hadn't happened. We found rubbish in bins, food in containers and I think it was a miracle that the fridge was empty.

The house filled up with boxes very quickly and we resorted to creating corridors through the boxes so we could get around the house. Furniture was put everywhere but where it was needed and at the end of it all we had one huge mess to sort out. But it kept my mind occupied and active and I actually think that was a good thing.

Slowly but surely I got the boxes unpacked and everything sorted. The rooms were familiar so arranging furniture was easier than most moves but as always your furniture never fits the new home the way it fitted the old home and a few different pieces had to be acquired to solve some pretty dire storage problems.

It also didn't take long to realize Cameron needed to change to my sisters old bedroom which was further away from the kitchen and lounge room so he would hopefully stay asleep whenever he actually went to sleep. Sleep became a very precious commodity in my life.

It was so nice to sleep in our own bed again and eat out of our own crockery with our own cutlery. Rediscover our treasures, have all our clothes and finally get all of Cameron's baby items back again. It was heaven to have our own place where conversations were private, nobody was listening or watching you. You could have a bad day in private and you could collapse in a heap in comfort. It was wonderful.

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