Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Have you heard of kiddikutter knives for kids and people with special needs?
kiddikutter knife
This is not a paid advertisement I just like to share wonderful products when I come across them.
I remember my Mum meeting the lady behind this ingenious product years ago and she gave Mum a free knife to try with Cameron. I don't know what happened to that knife but I have my suspicions we may have given it to the school to use because Cameron's fine motor skills were too poor at the time to use the knife. Over the years I've heard the name and knew the knives were still around but the other day I saw them for sale and had to get one for Cameron because his fine motor skills are much better now.
These knives will not cut the person using them but will cut food to eat or to prepare food. They have been designed for children and people with special needs. There is great information on their website about the knives if you are interested.
We gave Cameron the knife to try with spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and he used the knife really well. We were able to sit back and let him enjoy his food without hovering just in case he slipped or held the knife by the wrong end. He did put the blade in his mouth but again we didn't have to panic. It will be great in the future to be able to let him help us in the kitchen and not have to worry about him cutting himself. The knives now come in a range of colours and look very modern and fun but not babyish.
You can buy these knives on line at the kiddikutter website or there are stores that stock them like the gorgeous Baby Goose Boutique I have found at the Gwellup Plaza Shopping Centre full of gorgeous gifts for babies and beautiful children's and babies formal wear. I confess I am slightly addicted to this shop and it's gorgeous things, thank goodness I have a pregnant friend and a reason to shop there again. Plus if you need a Cameron endorsement - he loves the ladies in the Baby Goose Boutique and they make a huge fuss of him every time he goes in there.

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