Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Hanging Out With His Cousins

Cameron 18 years old
Cameron went to a 1st Birthday Party last night for his little cousin who holds an extra special place in our hearts because last year he too fought for his life just like Cameron did. Thankfully he won the fight with no apparent long term damage unlike Cameron but I have to admit to fighting the tears as his beautiful mother shared how thankful she is that he is here to celebrate his first birthday with us all. I remember saying similar words at Cameron's first birthday party.

Cameron loves our family get togethers with all his Aunts, Uncles, cousins, Great Aunt, Great Uncle and Grandparents. They all accept him and let him be himself whilst looking out for him and including him. He joined in pass the parcel with the little kids and played stick the coin on the rainbow gold pot with us big kids. He ate, he drank and he was merry.

There was one big difference last night to previous family get togethers and that was the way Cameron socialized with his older cousins. He is the second eldest of the group and both he and the eldest are the same age. Last night Cameron hung out with his older cousins and wanted to chat with them and see what they were doing. He looked very at home standing there with them.

And that was my second teary moment of the night as I looked through the kitchen window at him talking to two of his cousins and I realized how much they all look alike with there dark hair and gorgeous faces. They were including him but soon they moved on and he gravitated back to the adults. Just for a fleeting moment I saw what should have been and it looked so nice and normal.

Cameron had a great night and played his usual game with his Great Aunt. He refuses to talk to her until the end of the gathering. It's hilarious and he will tell her he isn't talking to her if she asks, with a huge cheeky grin and then laughs. Lucky she loves him.

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